Does Taking Off Your Shoes Really Help?

Once again we are going to discuss another very common question we get from our wonderful clients. We recommend taking shoes off when you enter the house for a number of reasons. Let’s explore them now.

Take Your Shoes Off For Health

I know what you’re thinking, for health – really? Yes really! Let us explain – according to a study by the University of Phoenix they found nine types of bacteria on people’s shoes. The bacteria found can cause infections in our lungs, eyes, and stomach. According to the study, 90% of the time bacteria would transfer from shoes to a tile floor, and the study results concluded that carpet harbors even more bacteria than tile floors. It also concluded that bacteria lives on shoes longer than other surfaces.

Children under the age of 2 are the most vulnerable to the germs and bacteria on our floors. It is estimated that children under the age of 2 place their hands in their mouths around 80 times per hour. What this means is that your children can possibly be exposed to every bacteria your shoes have came in contact with.

What Can You Do ?

The obvious solution is to take your shoes off once you enter your home. There are some other solutions as well. For some types of shoes they can be washed on cold with regular laundry detergent. During the test results from the University of Phoenix, they noted that doing this killed the bacteria on the shoes. Wiping them with a disinfectant wipe is another option. We urge you to use your best judgement when it comes to cleaning your shoes as to not damage them. Not all shoes will be able to go in the washing machine, and not all will be able to wiped with disinfectant wipes. Be sure to do a small test with any disinfectant wipes to ensure they will not damage the material.

Vacuuming is another great way to keep ahead of the dirt, soil, and bacteria you bring into your home. We recently wrote all about vacuuming and other great tips, feel free to read the blog post here.

How Can We Help ?

Regular professional cleaning of your carpet and tile floors is the best way to stay ahead of the fight against bacteria in your carpet. Our cleaning machine produces cleaning solution in the range of 200-230 degrees and that is great for sanitizing your floors. Not only can cleaning your floor regularly help with keeping the bacteria at bay, but it also prolongs the life of your flooring as well. For a family that has children and pets, we recommend having your carpet or tile floors cleaning twice a year. Take a look at the benefits of steam cleaning.

If you would like more information on our carpet cleaning process, please visit our carpet cleaning page. For more information on our tile cleaning process, please visit our tile cleaning page.

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